Ted N | Sales


I officially joined the Hall’s family in the spring of 1993 after years of hanging out there while out on bike rides.

I continued to work on weekends and during the summer all through undergraduate and grad school.

Ironically, after being told numerous times over the years “Ted, we don’t let you have tools”, I went on to become a local dentist where I can finally use “tools”.

I still love to help out at Hall’s during the spring sale and the occasional weekend when everyone else is out riding instead of working.

While I concentrate my riding on cross country mountain biking and road riding, I enjoy helping all levels of riders from beginners to long-time cyclists find the perfect new bike or new accessory.

I enjoy seeing old friends there that I’ve made over the years while working as well as meeting new customers and helping introduce them to the world of cycling. I’m also a current member on the Board of Directors of the Linn Area Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA).

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