Lillian P | Sales

I’m a woman biker, hear me roar …

(or laugh aloud, esp. on a single-track trail)

I started working at Hall bicycle over a year ago and I fell in love with this community. For me, biking is all about the people you meet along the way. From the true explorer to the casual group rider.

In my job, I strive to empower people (especially women) with the knowledge on how to fix their own ride, and encourage them to reach out and push themselves and show them what they are capable of.

Biking is the best way to explore the world that most don’t get to see from the paved road. Personally, biking is ever widening its scope. I started out as a strict “roadie” and now I find myself trying to stay away and off roads as much as possible. Give me gravel, B-roads, river-bottoms, cornfields, middle of the woods, etc. I love seeing what is possible and then pushing myself further and see where it takes me. One day, biking will take me to Spain or to Australia (maybe both).

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