Kyle M | Manager

Kyle M | Manager
Kyle M | Manager

I am the Manager as well as Marketing Director here at Hall Bicycle. I’ve been around the shop working part time since the days of old. After I graduated from The University of Iowa/Tippie College of Business I joined the team full time. Haven’t looked back since. There’s not much better than getting to work with and around bikes all day.

I’m an avid cyclist for many reasons, but #1 is because it’s fun. Because of that I enjoy all types of riding: road biking, mountain biking, summer riding, winter riding, and just about everything in between. That being said, I do lean towards choosing “the path less traveled” for my cycling destinations and love finding new places to traverse on two wheels. You’re most likely to catch me commuting to and from the shop or out riding with Leesa, my fiance, exploring on our Fat Bikes.

An interesting fact about myself is that I have a sidekick named Ziva or “Big Z”. Ziva is a 3 year old Black Russian Terrier that lives with us rent free and sleeps on our couch (she’s kind of a freeloader). Ziva is a big Hawkeye fan and loves running with me while I mountain bike.

Hope to see you out there, and remember, the world looks better on a bike!

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