Chris M | Sales

Chris M | Sales
Chris M | Sales

I’ve lived in Cedar Rapids all my life. I’m the Sales Manager and Graphic Designer at Hall. As a young buck, I rode skateboards, rollerblades, and most importantly bikes doing all sorts of rad jumps and moves. These days, I like to adventure around on my fat and cross bikes.

You could say I have a large taste for round things that move. Aside from cycling, I spend much of my spare time listening to and seeking out records from all over the world.

I love cycling and collecting records because I’ve met many great people from all walks of life that I get to call my friends.

I’ve had the pleasure to travel to faraway places such as Lebanon, Iceland, New Zealand, Alaska, work in Antarctica and many places in the lovely U.S. of A. Each destination offered a glimpse of its own bike culture and I love that.

Some day, I hope to bikepack in a strange and foreign land like Mongolia or Eastern Europe (while searching out records, of course).

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