Bob B | Service

Bob B | Service
Bob B | Service

Late in 2001, I had the opportunity to take early retirement from Rockwell Collins here in Cedar Rapids where I was doing systems engineering in Commercial Avionics. I was with Rockwell long enough that it was Collins Radio when I started. While with Rockwell I worked in California as well as in Iowa. In the early 1970’s, while working in the Los Angeles area, I met Carol who is now my wife.

After leaving Rockwell, I joined the Hall Bicycle team, mostly assembling new bikes, but also helping out with sales, repairs, building maintenance or whatever is needed.

My interest in cycling started out as an Iowa farm boy who needed a way to get around. My bike was my way to visit my friends, who lived within a few miles of our house. I also rode my bike to a one-room country school about two miles from our home. At age sixteen with my first driver’s license, my biking pretty much stopped. I started riding again in college at Iowa State University, where I had an off campus room and needed a fast way to get to class. I’ve been biking ever since.

My favorite bikes are a Trek 7200 FX – predecessor to the 7.2 FX, a Trek 420 road bike – steel frame bike with downtube shifters from about 1984 which had 27 inch wheels but is now running on 700 C’s, a Trek Transport – great for hauling heavy loads, and a hybrid bike from 1990 – not a Trek so I won’t name the bike.

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