Bike Brands Through the Years

A couple of weeks ago, I was having lunch with my dad, Bud, and we started reminiscing about all the different brands of bikes that we handled throughout the years.

Since Hall Bicycle has been in business for 119 years, it stands to reason that there have been many brands in that time.

It was really fun bouncing brand names off one another, trying to see who could come up with the most obscure ones. I’m not sure either one of us “won” but we had a great time and an enjoyable lunch and it was one of the last times he and I really got a chance to talk.

When I got home, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could make sure that the list we came up with was not lost forever, so I started wring them all down.

Seeing the list on paper really made me realize just how lucky we have been to represent some terrific bikes over the last century plus.

Many of you will certainly recognize the major names (Schwinn, Raleigh, Cannondale, Trek), but there are a lot of great ones that are pretty obscure and long gone.

I personally rode some of the weird stuff back in the day, and found them to be very enjoyable rides.

Perhaps my all-time favorite bike is one that we did not handle. I purchased a Maserati MT4 second hand from a guy who was getting out of racing in the late 70’s.

It was a handmade Italian beauty, Columbus tubing, lugged frame with full Campy Nuovo Record group. With a set of Clement Criterium Seta silk sew-ups, it was the definition of light and fast for its time.

Stupidly, and regrettably, I sold it a few years later. It is still “the one that got away”.

But I digress.

What I really realized when looking at the long list of brand from the last 100+ years (and I am sure we may have missed some brands), was how lucky we have been for the past 40 years to partner with Trek, the #1 brand of bikes in the US.

Trek offers a wide variety of model choices that fits 99% of riders needs and wants. They are great company to work with in terms of warranty (very few, and well-handled when they arise) and they do a tremendous job of supporting bike advocacy and safety.

We as a dealer participate in several programs that Trek offers that fund efforts at the national level to address infrastructure (trails, bike lanes) and bike awareness and bike-friendly initiatives before congress.

Every helmet we sell, every mountain bike tire and every full-suspension mountain bike generates dollars from both Trek and Hall Bicycle that helps fund this important work.

So even though it is fun to look back at all the “old” brands, we are really proud of who we partner with now. Trek and Hall Bicycle…. we are both here for the long run!

Please enjoy this list of brands from our history, and know that we are committed to top quality!

Hall Bicycle Bike Brands

  1. AMF
  2. Bianchi
  3. Burley
  4. Caloi
  5. Cannondale
  6. Centurion
  7. Dawes
  8. Dayton
  9. Diamond Back
  10. Dunelt
  11. Electra
  12. Favorite
  13. Felt
  14. Fisher
  15. Framed
  16. Gazelle
  17. Gitane
  18. Harley Davidson
  19. Hercules
  20. Intense
  21. Iver Johnson
  22. Jaguar BMX
  23. Jamis
  24. Jazz
  25. Kalkoff
  26. KHS
  27. Klein
  28. Kona
  29. Kuahara
  30. Lapierre
  31. Lemond
  32. Linear
  33. Mirraco
  34. Motobecane
  35. Nishiki
  36. Panasonic
  37. Paramount
  38. Proflex
  39. Raleigh
  40. Rans
  41. Redline
  42. Reid
  43. Robin Hood
  44. Santana
  45. Schwinn
  46. Seven
  47. State
  48. Sun Cycles
  49. Surly
  50. Takara
  51. Vision
  52. Waterford
  53. Worksman

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  1. I owned a Triumph purchased from Hall, first road bike I owned, sold it to come down and buy a Gitane.


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