Hall Bicycle Trainer Sessions

Hall Bicycle Trainer Nights, Cycleops TrainerDay: Thursday Evenings

Time: Start gathering at 5:00-5:30 to setup. Start riding around 5:30.

Duration: 45-60 minutes of ride time

Leader: Graham W.

As Midwesterns, riding indoor trainers in the winter is something we all have to do if we want to maintain fitness. We also know that riding an indoor trainer is typically a monotonous and lonely endeavor compared to our lively and scenic summer group rides. Hall Bicycle is here to help! Beginning this Thursday, bring your bike and your own trainer down to the shop and join others for group indoor training rides! These sessions will be structured workouts led by Hall Bicycle employees. You will definitely be feeling it in the legs when you leave! However, camaraderie, conversation and a little friendly competition will melt away the doldrums of your indoor winter training sessions.

The best part? It is completely FREE! The only stipulation we ask is that if you are planning to come to one of our sessions please email kylem@hallbicycle.com so we can plan our space accordingly. If there is ample interest, we would like to see this turn into a weekly event to continue through the winter months!

The fine print:

Gather at the shop between 5:00 and 5:30 pm with your bike and trainer for set up. We will begin riding at approximately 5:30. Total duration of the sessions will typically be 60-90 minutes.

Anyone that’s spent time on an indoor trainer knows there will be plenty of sweating. Be sure to bring towels to cover your bike (protect that finish) and floor under your bike. Rooms are available prior to the session as well as after to change into warm, dry clothes before heading home in the cold.

Due to space constraints, we ask that only stationary trainers be used for these sessions and rollers be left at home.

Stay fit over the cold months with Hall Bicycle Company!

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