Snow is here! And Fall Incidentals.

Here at the shop we’ve been talking about how great the riding’s been lately. The weather has been pleasant for the most part and now we have snow! The snow certainly creeped up on me and I’m not mad at it. While commuting to work on my single speed fatty this morning, I managed to fall only once as I traversed the icy and slushy alleys I take to get to work.

If this is your first time riding in the snow on a fat bike, then congratulations and welcome to the club. There is so much exploring to be done on a fat bike during the snowy months. Get out there!


Someone's already having fat bike fun in downtown Cedar Rapids.
Someone’s already having fat bike fun in downtown Cedar Rapids.

This fall, some of us have been racing cyclocross almost every weekend, while others like myself have been meandering around town zipping up and down alleyways looking for off road fun. There’s nothing like the sound of riding through crunchy leaves.

In late August of this year, the DNR began its Lake Restoration Project at Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area where the lake depth was lowered by about 15 feet. With the idea to create a better fish habitat and water quality, its opened up an area for fat biking and hiking on the lake bottom.

Recently, I took my fat bike for a ride almost entirely around the lake while mixing in the multi-use trail that we highlighted here. It’s no joke when reported that some of the shoreline hosts 6 to 8 plus feet of clay. I accidentally rode through a portion and sank in around a foot and a half!  Nothing like muddying up your shoes and bike at the start of a ride, eh?

Pleasant Creek is going to be extra fun once the temperatures stay below freezing this winter.

A view of the drawdown at Pleasant Creek. Photo by Chris M.
What planet is this? Photo by Chris M.
Ewy ew muddy shoes. Photo by Chris M.

The off road and sandbar goodness at Seminole Valley are in prime shape. A few of us have been out there recently exploring new lines and territory. It’s awesome how the river shifts around sandbars. While the Seminole Valley sandbar hasn’t changed too much in size, the sandbar across from Otis Road (just past Cargill) on the Cedar River has increased immensely. It is possible to ride it quite a ways south along the river.

Seminole Valley sandbar. Photo by Chris M.
Seminole Valley service road. Photo by Chris M.
Max L. wheelies on the Cedar River sandbar across from Otis Rd. It’s huge this fall! Photo by Chris M.
View of Cargill from the sandbar across from Otis Road. Photo by Max L.
Chris M. riding to the end of the sandbar. Photo by Max L.

The relatively new Sac & Fox Single Track was mowed recently by the good folks of LAMBA. If you have a fat bike, get out there and ride it! It’s a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to its eventual expansion. AND riding it this winter too. Read more about the goings-on in an informative post here.

Sac & Fox single track
Sac & Fox single track meadow. Photo by Chris M.
A buck skipping through the Sac & Fox single track meadow.

A selection of fall incidentals below. 

Beverly Park post-ride hang. Photo by Chris M.
Kyle’s Farley 9.6 keeping a watchful eye over everyone. Photo by Chris M.
Max’s Superfly. Photo by Chris M.
Max L. Photo by Chris M.
A customer’s  Trek Fuel EX 8 29er. Photo by Chris M.
Kyle M. practicing his moon landing skills on his Moonlander. Come down to the shop to see it loaded down with fat bike bags. Photo by Chris M.
Max L. racing Bobber’s Cross. Photo by Kayla H.
Fall foliage at Beverly Park. Photo by Chris M.
Max L. catching air downtown. Photo by Chris M.
Stephen G. sporting a Hall jersey. Photo by Kayla H.
Chris M. riding a makeshift berm. Photo by Max L.
Customer Anna-Doretta standing proud with her new matte purple and black Framed Wolftrax fat bike. Photo by Chris M.
Zoe M. riding Pleasant Creek. Photo by Chris M.
Max L. racing his Trek Crockett Disc. Photo courtesy Max L.
Max L.’s All City Nature Boy near Cedar Lake. Cross bikes are for adventuring too. Photo by Max L.
Kyle M. getting gnar on his Trek Farley 9.6. Photo by Chris M.
David H. fat biking a rickety bridge in an undisclosed location. Photo by Chris M.
Chris M. doing something. We’re not sure what. Photo by Max L.
Max L. catching air down in the drops on his Trek Crockett Disc. Peekaboo! Photo by Chris M.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

About the Author | Chris M

Chris is the Sales Manager and Graphic Designer at Hall Bicycle Company. He can be contacted at or

Thank you for reading!

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