Winter-Ready Adventure Gear

Kyle M. riding along the Cedar River shoreline.

Let’s talk winter-ready adventure gear, folks. We’ve got it! If you’ve been following along, we’ve already given you our first impressions of the Bontrager Old Man Winter (OMW) cycling boot on our blog. Those are some mighty fine boots! They’ll keep your feet nice and toasty.

As we inch closer and closer to colder winter temperatures, you have to keep those fingers, toes, and that core of yours warm while out riding in the elements. You also need places to store the extra gear and layers. Take a look at what we’re stocking this winter season for ideas.

We’re now an official dealer of Revelate Designs and Randi Jo Fabrications. Both make fine hand-made quality soft goods right here in the U.S.

Revelate Designs frame bag.

The Revelate Designs frame bag is a heavy duty, expedition-worthy soft bag that fits in the middle of the frame. These are an excellent solution for carrying an extra tube, multi-tool, frame pump, extra layers, food, water bottles, etc.

Revelate Designs Mountain feed bag.

The Mountain feed bag from Revelate Designs should appeal not only to the adventure-minded, but the average cyclist. The bag connects to the handlebar, stem, and steer tube on the bike for easy access to snacks, gloves, cell phone, a water bottle, etc. See below for examples.

Revelate Designs handlebar pogies.

Pogies may be one of the best inventions. If you’re not familiar with ’em, pogies mount to each side of the handlebar and are intended to keep your digits warm. They do wonders in below freezing conditions. You’ll find that you won’t need as many layers with these puppies in use.

Bontrager lobster-style gloves.

For those less inclined to use pogies, or just want an all around awesomely fitting warm glove, the Bontrager lobster-style glove is great. I bought an XL and add a liner glove underneath on occasion.

Bontrager Old Man Winter cold weather cycling shoes
Bontrager Old Man Winter cycling shoe.

Check out our in-depth first impressions on the OMW here.

Bontrager Lithos softshell and Starvos high-viz jackets.
Bontrager Lithos softshell and Starvos high-viz jackets.

Cycling specific jackets offer great protection against the elements while providing additional intangibles that regular old outer layers just can’t boast. Cut to fit while riding, additional rear pockets for snacks/tools/tubes, zippered vents, and bright colors to keep you visible in the fading light are just some of the additional benefits these jackets offer.

Bontrager Velocis softshell riding tights.
Bontrager Velocis softshell riding tights.

We stock a full range of cycling tights to keep your legs from freezing up in those frigid winds. From light weight Solstice tights, great for a mild fall day, to the Velocis softshell tights that offer heavyweight thermal insulation as well as a mixture of waterproof, yet breathable material to keep you warm AND dry, we’ve got the tights for you.

Lazer winter cycling helmets.
Lazer winter cycling helmets.

Along with a full array of caps, hats, balaclavas, and gators, we carry Lazer winter helmets as well. Cold weather helmets offer addition insulation and ear coverage. This generally allows you to wear one less layer, reducing bulk and adding comfort!

Portland Designs Works Dave’s Mud Shovel fat bike fenders.

The PDW Mud Shovel fenders were made for fat bikes and are extremely easy to install. After a few seasons of use, I have no complaints. While they look flimsy, they’re light in weight and very durable.

30 PSI gauge.

We get a lot of folks asking what sort of tire pressure they should put in their fat bike. Well, that’s a personal preference and applicable to what sort of riding you’re doing. Let this gauge help you find what PSI range works best for you. For example, 12-15 PSI works well in most conditions. While 5-8 PSI, might work better in snow. It’s all dependent on where you’re riding.

Bontrager Hodag, Rougarou, Gnarwhal, and Barbegazi fat bike tires.

As many of you know, we primarily carry Trek and Bontrager products. Bontrager’s newest fat bike tire selection is full of fun names and awesome tread patterns. The Hodag is a good all around tire. The Rougarou is great if you find yourself riding on hard-packed snow or dirt. The Gnarwhal and Barbegazi are fairly close in tread pattern. Both are designed to handle just about anything as you crawl over large rocks and plow through deep snow.

Surly rim strips.

Rim strips are a necessity all year round. They’re a way to jazz up your fat bike and differentiate it from everyone else’s. Strictly for those who like to add a little color to their ride.

Salsa Anything Cage HD

The Salsa Anything Cage is a bottle cage on steroids. Generally speaking, sky’s the limit with these things. If your fat bike has bottle cage mounts on the fork, slap ’em on there or wherever you can fit a bottle cage. The Anything Cage comes with two straps to securely hold a 64 oz. water bottle, Nalgene bottle, soft bags, and well, a beer growler will fit in it just fine.

Out In The Wild

We don’t just sell these products, we use them and push them to their limits. Check out the photos below for a great display of many of these items out in the wild!

Zoe M. riding along the Cedar River shoreline.
Randi Jo Fabrications bartender bags (similar to the Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag. We should have these on the floor in the coming weeks). This shot taken right before Chris’s daily commute across frozen Cedar Lake last winter.
Revelate Designs frame bag and gas tank being put to good use last winter.
Blue rim strips in a 2015 Trek Farley 6 looking mighty fine.
A 2015 Trek Farley 6 sporting a rear PDW Mud Shovel fender.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Surly Moonlander
Kyle M’s Moonlander sporting pogies. One of those subzero morning commutes where nothing keeps the cold out.
Chris M. riding a sandbar along the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids, pogie’d out and all.
Max L. riding deer trails in an undisclosed location.
Max L. fat biking at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area in Iowa City. Or is he taking a nap instead?

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to stop in and check all these goodies out in person!

About the Authors
Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa
Chris M. is the Sales Manager and Graphic Designer at Hall Bicycle Company. He can be contacted at or
Kyle M. is the Manager as well as Marketing Director at Hall Bicycle Company.  He can be contacted at or

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