Iowa By Bike | Pleasant Creek Park

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

A Beautiful Park On A Gorgeous Day

Our first installment of photo documenting the exploration of our beautiful state by bicycle. This post features a nice little day trip that a small group of us took this past Sunday morning to Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area. Pleasant Creek is an absolutely beautiful park just a short 25 minute drive from Cedar Rapids. The Park features many different amenities including a beach, fishing, paddleboating, camping, and more. On this trip we were there to take advantage of the very scenic (roughly) 8.5 mile multiuse trail loop that encircles the lake.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

The trip started off with a fellowship of 5, all sporting Fat Bikes. We geared up and commenced our journey, carrying only the bare (Bear? didn’t see any of those) necessities such as DSLR cameras and large thermoses of coffee.

We took off traversing the mixed terrain trail. I was immediately impressed by the trail itself. A perfect Fat Bike trail. A mixture of grass, dirt, and sand, the path was smooth and navigable enough to be welcoming to all levels of riders, yet gave enough diversity to keep things interesting.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

Not far into the voyage we ventured off and visited Pleasant Ridge, the very historic cemetery that is right off the trail. This was a pretty cool stop. Being on the crest of a large ridge, the cemetery had a wide reaching view of the surrounding farmlands. The quick break also provides quite the “stop and think about it” moment, as we found grave stones dating back to the early 1800s.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa
Climbing to the top of the ridge.
Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa
Quite the view.
Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa
Talkin’ gnar.

Off we went again. As we worked our way around the lake we took a diversion off the multiuse path to explore the beach and camping areas of the park. The water table was very low which provided a fun opportunity to ride along some areas normally hidden by the lake. The park offers tent, RV, and cabin camping. A newly added activity to my bucket list is rent out a cabin for a weekend. They are pretty awesome and seem to be very well maintained. They are unfortunately closed for the season as of this past weekend. While riding through the cabin area of the park we ran across a very nice couple that was working to clean and close up the last cabin in preparation for winter. Stopped and had a nice chat with them about Fat Bikes and the park.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

Next we found some corn. Yeah, corn in Iowa. Who woulda thunk it?

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa

Midride stop/goof off. Gotta take time to smell the proverbial roses.

Pleasant Creek Park, Iowa
“Guys, I have no idea what happened. I was just riding along and BAM, the bike is in a tree….”

About 5 miles into the loop the trail opens up into probably the best view in the park. A gorgeous open span overlooking the prairie land below that beautifully blends into the lake and continues far into the countryside beyond. Took a spell here enjoying the view and snapping some pics.

Overall I really enjoyed the trip out to Pleasant Creek and plan on riding there again. I would highly recommend making the journey out there whether it be on bike or foot, it’s well worth the drive. I am personally really looking forward to getting back out and doing this loop again come winter. I think it will lend itself very nicely to some snow covered excursions. I’ll leave off with a couple last artsy-fartsy pictures as well as a large resolution slideshow of all our photos from the trip.

Version 2Version 2Version 2

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Author | Kyle M Kyle is the Manager as well as Market Director at Hall Bicycle Company.
Kyle & Trail Dog Ziva

About the Author | Kyle M

Kyle is the Manager and Marketing Director at Hall Bicycle Company. He can be contacted at or

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